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Does Networking
Make You Cringe?


Join our team of professionals who will teach you how to actually WORK social settings to your advantage, instead of just being a spectator in the room. Learn to be confident in approaching power players, being the expert and making those connections work for you.

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Be Authentic | Be Relational | Be Transparent

If You Want To...

Master The A.R.T. of Networking

Connect with our team to learn our proven strategies that will teach you how to:
- Be Comfortable In Any Room
- Learn The Power of Every Contact
- Know Where To Be

If You Want To...

Build REALationships

Our team will walk you through the levels of building profitable relationships by: 
- Being A Servant First
- Offering Value To Others
- Learning To Be The Connector

I Want To...

Be The Leader Others Will Follow

Join our leadership team as they add winning strategies to your toolbox that will: 
- Build Your Team Confidence In You
- Teach You How to Listen To Your Team
- Help You LEAD By Example

Fear of Talking To Strangers

We are dedicated to help you overcome your fear of networking, so you can connect to your ideal customer and maximize relationships.

Our Client Success Stories

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"As a result of working with Desmond for years in the banking industry, I've had the opportunity to examine firsthand his ability to coach and train his teams through proven sales techniques."

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"Desmond has been a great keynote speaker at several of our Power of Dad events. His transparency has provided a great impact on the young men lives. It was a pleasure having him."

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"I've had the opportunity to observe Desmond and his transition to the Texas community. His ability to network by building and cultivating genuine relationships has afforded him success."

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Standout & Own The Rooms You Walk In...

Our fearless leader, Desmond Bibbs, has never once met a stranger. Since a very young age he has always been very passionate about meeting new people and cultivating REALationships.

This FEARLESS attitude has granted him access to many rooms with many celebrities and wealthy CEOs. He will share with you his daily routines, Tips & Tricks and Do's and Dont's that has landed him success from networking. So if you desire to take your career or business to the next level, let us be your first step!

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